Versjon 6.2.0 og 6.2.1

Høydepunktene i siste oppdatering av Easyworship inkluderer mulighet for å importere schedules fra versjon 2009, utskrift av schedules, samt klipp ut/kopi/lim inn-funksjonalitet i forbindelse med redigering av sanger. Forøvrig er det rettet en rekke mindre feil.

Legg merke til at søkefeltene nå er flyttet helt til venstre, like under fanene for Songs, Scriptures, Media osv.

Version 6.2.1

  • Fixed bug with editor that causes slides that have no label to get pulled into the slide before it.
  • Fixed an out of bounds error that may occur in editor when cutting and pasting.
  • Fixed problem with editor truncating paragraphs incorrectly in labels if they start with empty paragraphs but are not completly empty.
  • Fixed exceptions that could occur in editor when trying to get the current caret size and there is not a caret.
  • Fixed problem with dragging a media item into the schedule from the hard drive resulting in no progress bar and incorrect aspect ratio.
  • Fixed exception with importing in editor. This bug was created in 6.2.0.
  • Fixed bug created in 6.2.0 where videos might not play on the live output but will still play audio. This could happen at any time during a play event, such as coming back from black or logo screen or when you GoLive.

Version 6.2.0

  • Fixed bug in popup controls that cause the top or left part of the popup to appear offscreen. Specifically in editor with media or scriptures.
  • Fixed bug in editor media and scripture popup that showed collection options without having a collection highlighted.
  • Added default title to schedule reports when the schedule has not been saved.
  • Fixed bug with the editor hiding text in the designer if you copy label text and paste it into song text in the outline view.
  • Fixed problem in theme editor if you delete an item inherited from another slide it will not restore correctly if you undo the changes.
  • Fixed problem with new song and new scripture theme bringing up the presentation theme editor.
  • Fixed exception that occurs when you show or hide a theme element in the editor inspector.
  • Fixed it so you cannot apply multiple slides back to theme.
  • Fixed it so hot keys are not active when internal webbrowser has focus.
  • Added Schedule Detail report.
  • Fixed problem with the Editor Inspector mute property always showing up in an undetermined state (grayed out) if you have an audio element attached to slide.
  • Fixed bug with slide not changing if you move from designer to outline view after selecting an item in the designer.
  • Fixed problem with help file locking up when playing a video and then trying to search within the help file.
  • Fixed problem with changes made to songs theme background not saving correctly if no other modification was made to the song.
  • Fixed problem with a space character gettng inserted into song text when saving songs with unicoded characters or \, {, or } as the first character of text in a new attribute run. Re-editing and re-save of song will be required to fix any songs already affected by this bug.
  • Fixed Youtube full screen to autoplay and autohide player controls.
  • Fixed it so editor designer shows text transparency when highlighting.
  • Fixed bug in Rich Text parser that might have pasted in ? marks after the original text, when dealing with multi-byte characters pasted from Word.
  • Fixed it so font size drop down in editor will focus the approriate editor after a change.
  • Fixed backspace in editor to retain font attributes of the item just deleted.
  • Fixed some issues with caret height and placement inside of editor.
  • Fixed issue with editor text size being incorrect after you delete all the text on a slide and have Auto Size Text enabled.
  • Fix bible copyright and license not importing into help:about correctly.
  • Fixed memory leak when selecting schedule item from re-open menu.
  • Added the ability to open and import 2009 schedules.
  • Fixed bug in schedule where schedule is marked as modified if you popup notes editor even if you don't change anything.
  • Moved search and locate to library area to be more contextual to the actual data being searched.
  • Fixed problem where hidden media items were incorrectly included in playback controls.
  • Fixed possible problem with modification to themes assigned to songs could cause original theme data to get overwritten. This could then result in an exception the next time the song is edited.
  • Fixed possible bug where resource tabs could get out of order on main form resize.
  • Fixed problem with not being able to locate a scripture inside a scripture collection when sorting in reverse.
  • Fixed possible problem in scripture area where sort orders may get mixed up when jumping from complete bible to collection.
  • Fixed bug with missing video causing from presentation causing progress bar to be disabled.
  • Fixed bug with missing video causing from presentation causing a floating point exception.