Versjon 6.7.5

Siste versjon inkluderer en ny funksjon i tillegg til en del feilrettinger. Last ned her.


  • Holding down ctrl key is required to drag items in the schedule into each other. AKA Combining schedule items.


  • Fixed an exception when closing check for changes window.
  • Fixed an issue with DVD Active Movie Window poping up sometimes after you edit or add a DVD clip.
  • Fixed issue with some customers not getting thumbnails on JPEGs.
  • Fixed possible issue with 'Could not retrieve data. table is locked' exception.
  • Fixed issue with audio files not working correctly with you set start and stop positions.
  • Fixed issue with audio repeating property not getting loaded correctly in Audio Properties window.
  • Fixed issue with custom song labels not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with converting dates on computers where Daylight Saving Time is not applicable or disabled.
  • Fixed an issue in the editor when dragging a media item over the Masters button causing the incorrect theme to appear.