Versjon 6.7.8

Flere nye oppdateringer er sluppet de siste par ukene. Her er en oppsummering av det som er fikset. Siste versjon, 6.7.8, kan lastes ned her.


  • Fixed an issue with not being able to convert data from older versions.
  • Fixed ctrl+u key combination in the editor so that it underlines selected text.


  • Fixed an issue with not being able to convert data from older versions.


  • Fixed an issue with refreshing PowerPoint files in schedule causing a deadlock.
  • Fixed an issue with loading malformed MPEG1 files that have incorrect duration.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to load schedules with incomplete presentations.
  • Fixed issue with DVD aspect ratio not being calculated correctly.
  • Fixed issue with DVD bookmarks not getting created correctly in some versions of Windows 10.
  • Fixed another issue with thumbnails painting with only a partial image, half gray.
  • Fixed it so scripture text will show up on Foldback if added individually to a song presentation. If song text exists, the scripture will not show.
  • Fixed an issue with PowerPont thumbnails not always being correct.
  • Fixed string sorting to take into account numbers and digits before the text so it will sort number first then the text.
  • Fixed issue with phrase searching on song words not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Windows shutdown leaving EasyWorship in an incorrect state causing an exception after shutdown fails. Also fixed it so EasyWorship will not stall the shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue with desktop flicker when jumping between two different PowerPoint presentations.
  • Fixed the issue created in Windows 10 Creators update that caused message alerts to not work properly during PowerPoint or web.
  • Fixed an issue with files ending in "songs." not working correctly in media.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the theme on a song with a scripture slide causes the scripture slide to be blank.
  • Fixed an issue where editor sometimes appears off screen after changinge system screen settings.
  • Fixed a possible lockup issue when opening Options or Editor.
  • Fixed issue where live selector may get out sync with live window when using up, down, and space keys to navigate slide.
  • Fixed an issue where feed would not show on live screen if you went live while previewing feed.
  • Fixed an issue with dragging over OutlineEditor causing the border colors to mess up.
  • Fixed argument out of range error when dragging text from first slide in outline editor.
  • Fixed issue with dropping text in outline editor not always reflecting the change to the slide editor text.
  • Fixed issue with Alpha channel mask not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed issue where some element properties were being copied into FoldBack text target by mistake.
  • Fixed an issue when using NewTek Airsend where every other frame of a presentation gets dropped when there is no other animation.
  • Fixed an issue where FoldBack screen elements revert to default theme data after editing options.
  • Fixed an issue where scripture used within a song does not show up on FoldBack if song content is hidden.
  • Fixed issue with FoldBack info, like clock and next item, not showing up if scripture is used on a song.
  • Fixed an issue with Schedule check for changes not importing all the appropriate media properties into resources.