Versjon 6.4.3

Endelig er preview-funksjonen tilbake i Easyworship! I forbindelse med lanseringen av versjon 6 ble forhåndsvisningen av tekster og media, slik vi kjente den fra versjon 2009, tatt bort. Etter stor etterspørsel fra brukerne har vi nå fått den tilbake. Siste versjon kan lastes ned her.

Version 6.4.3

  • Fixed issue where double click presentation would advance two builds erroneously.
  • Fixed some minor painting issues with control borders.
  • Reduced memory requirements for font cache.
  • Fixed a possible issue with outline editor scroll position jumping after selecting with the mouse.
  • Fixed bug with theme selector locator not correctly locating items.
  • Fixed bug with changing output dimensions in options not getting reflected correctly in preview window when using default theme.
  • Fixed bug with transitions stretching when going to or from logo transition where logo presentation is a different aspect ratio.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to delete or re-order PowerPoint slides in Schedule. This is not supported.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with drag image not showing over labels.
  • Fixed possible bug when pressing ENTER on locator and then the next item does not go live.
  • Fixed possible bug with thumbnail not showing up after dragging an image to the schedule from outside of EasyWorship.
  • Fixed a bug in auto size text engine resulting in wrapping instead of shrinking text.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to use the locator to locate a song within a song collection.
  • Fixed problem with Alpha Channel window minimizing when the application is minimized.
  • Fixed bug with DVD Player throwing an exception when there is no valid audio device.
  • Fixed problem with trying to use zero for verse number and it causing EasyWorship to lockup.
  • Fixed problem with deleting thru verse not changing the selected verses.
  • Added workaround for Windows Bug on full screen DirectX causing composition manager to crash.
  • Fixed flicker in options window when turning on or off Preview Live Output or changing the output dimensions in options.
  • Fixed bug with videos marked as background not playing with correct transition.
  • Fixed bug caused by dropping a PowerPoint presentation into the theme folder.
  • Fixed a bug with the application locking up if you drag a locked schedule file into the schedule window.
  • Fixed a bug in DVD editor that would not load any clip info if the bookmark was created in a different OS version.
  • Fixed a bug with the DVD bookmark OS version not correctly working with Windows 10 and causing an exception on load if clip was built in an older OS.
  • Fixed problem with profile options not being accessible to limited users.

Nye funksjoner:

  • Added wheel mouse support to outline editor.
  • Added classic preview panel.
  • Added classic ledger view. Some of your slide selector preferences will have to be reset.
  • Added new view type for previewing and live selecting in one view. Moved live output preview to left for this view.
  • Changed it so EasyWorship will remember the desired look for each slide selector in the preview and live area by type. All media uses same type.
  • Added Nursery Alert feature.
  • Added option for saving videos in schedule or to just link to local videos. This option will speed up saving when you schedule is not going to be used on another computer.