Versjon 6.4.6

Last ned siste oppdatering, som blant annet retter opp en feil hvor første linje i sangen merkes som "label".

Versjon 6.4.6

  • Fixed problem with first line of text data that does not have a label, getting misinterpreted as a label.
  • Fixed problem with using the menu to import a PowerPoint presentation into the schedule causing EasyWorship to lockup.
  • Fixed problem with DVD's that contain Macrovision not playing in Windows 10.
  • Fixed a possible exception on shutdown with getting current slide.

Versjon 6.4.5

  • Fixed potential issue with locking up while trying to parse Unicode text. Most likely would happen during conversion of data.
  • Fixed bug where presentations added to schedule will sometimes result in using the wrong theme, causing lost data.

Versjon 6.4.4

  • Fixed bug with duplicate font files causing exception on startup. This is related to font fall back.
  • Fixed bug with Windows 8.1 and High DPI monitors not working correctly.