Versjon 6.4.7 og 6.4.8

Ny oppdatering av Easyworship 6 er sluppet. Denne gang er det korrigering av en del mindre problemer som har vært fokus. Siste versjon lastes ned her.

Version 6.4.8

  • Fixed problem with label combo not showing correct background color.
  • Fixed some issues with large DPI and property editor window for transitions.
  • Fixed some issues with large DPI and song label drop down window.
  • Fixed problem with adding a slide in editor not highlighting newly created slide.
  • Fixed some issues with the outline editor dropping pasted text after inserting a new slide.
  • Fixed some issues with the outline editor deleting slides after using the backspace key on label.
  • Fixed flicker issues that occurs when you resize resource area into live preview when using live and preview combined view.
  • Fixed bug with live preview reverting to smaller size after changing interface view to live with resource preview.
  • Fixed bug in editor where cursor jumps backwards when pressing down arrow.
  • Fixed a bug where creating an empty song and then re-saving it would keep appending new empty slides.
  • Fixed exception that occurs when click the cancel button (x) in the scripture selector's locator, after selecting multiple scriptures.

Version 6.4.7

  • Fixed font size combo in editor to allow editing again.
  • Fixed font size combo's edit background color.
  • Fixed a possible problem when closing editor and getting an exception.
  • Fixed problem with install window truncating when using high dpi.
  • Fixed other high dpi (large font) issues.